Hope bay van het Schaeck

Born: 01/01/2007   |   Sex: mare   |   Colour: bay   |   Studbook: BWP

General info

Hope descends from the famous BWP damline 34, which we know from Qerly Chin de Muze.

We can find 4 GP mares in a row being her mother Daytona de Muze (1.60m), her grandmother Walloon de Muze (1.50m), her great grandmother Qerly Chin de Muze (1.60m) and her great great grandmother Kerly (1.45m).

After being bred for a few years, she has only been broken in at the age of 6. Nevertheless she did a good job in the 6 year old classes with James Peeters.

Hope is at our stables to be schooled for the international sport.

Nahab de Reve  Quidam de Revel  Jalisco B 
Melodie en Fa  Artichaut 
Daytona de Muze  Cento  Capitol I 
Viola XI 
Walloon de Muze  Nahab de Reve 
Qerly Chin